We provide the full range of services you need to ensure your product succeeds.

Capitalizing on our wealth of experience and expertise, Swenson He serves as your guide bringing your custom software product to market with a splash! And with all the challenges you face growing your business, it’s nice to know Swenson He is your peace-of-mind partner.

Product strategy

Thoughtful and comprehensive product strategy is critical to the success of your product.

We guide you through our proven product strategy process, leveraging our experience and best practices to help define your objectives, apply vigorous research, determine your core concept and ensure a valid product structure. We build your product roadmap to ensure your vision has a clear road to success.

Feasibility Study

Knowing whether your concept can work technically can save you heartache and money.

For cutting edge projects we perform a technical Feasibility Study to confirm the viability of your concept. Few firms can provide the level of deep analysis and technical know-how required to properly evaluate state-of-the-art concepts. We do it well. And then advise you on options and recommendations. What’s your idea?


Intuitive, elegant approaches focused on user experience make our products stand out.

Backed by market analysis and customer archetypes, our design services aim to maximize user acquisition and retention. Our scope of design extends from fast-growing startups to industry leading brands. We challenge the norms in designing your unique product to be, well, unique – and successful.


You deserve the best.
Your product deserves nothing less.

Well-crafted software is precise, efficient, secure, scalable and stable — mixed with a splash of creative genius. We approach the development of your project keeping this in mind. Strictly following our custom agile process results in a high-quality product that works just the way you envisioned.

Support & Evolution

Any product can launch.
Successful products evolve.

The long-term success of a robust product hinders on continuous product evolution. We ensure success by providing ongoing analysis, enhancements and maintenance after the initial product launch. We value your partnership and provide ongoing support to make sure you feel that value.