Nick Swenson

Managing Partner

Nick Swenson

Managing Partner


As an MIT alum, Nick spent time at Bain & Company and Stanford Medical before co-founding Swenson He. With his unique combination of expansive expertise, technical prowess and ability to communicate on a personable level, Nick leads our team and advises our clients to higher levels of success.

Nick’s one word: COMPASS

Nick enjoys guiding clients on the complete journey to achieve their dream product. And he dreams of sailing around the world one day.

Nick’s Recent Insights

Rapid Prototyping: What, When, and How?

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Why Silicon Valley’s glorified “MAU” KPI doesn’t actually matter (and what does). Your business has done its research and has identified a potential market opportunity to expand your revenue through a digital channel. So your next…

Innovative digital commerce Part 1: Basic monetization isn’t enough

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Design Innovation in App Development

Jun 19, 2020 | by  | 

How to channel design thinking into a user-centric process that yields results. We take a look at the combination of design thinking, design innovation and rapid prototyping we use to create a repeatable process.